A shitty challenge post

Yesterday, I started my homemade “twenty posts in twenty days” challenge. Today, I got up pretty late, ate breakfast, browsed the internet, talked and made plans with friends, did some housework, browsed some more, took care of some organizational stuff for the shared flat I live in, worked out, and then idly researched possible reasons for elbow pains during plank position while drinking some Joylent (a nutritionally complete shake, like Soylent, but distributed in Europe).

I did not find an answer on my elbow pain issue, but instead discovered that I might be doing handstand practice wrong, and had just started looking into that when I realized with a start that I had to leave in about half an hour, still had to pack the stuff I’d need to sleep over at my partner’s place as planned, and had yet to write today’s blog post. I quickly finished my shake and rinsed out the shaker, and remembered that I had planned to take out the overflowing trash as well, and wasn’t that more important than a self-imposed challenge? Shouldn’t I rather spend my time finding out more about potentially health-damaging mistakes in my workout routine than writing a hurried, bad blog post? Flunking the challenge on day two would have been quite humiliating as well, though, so here I am, typing away about nothing in particular because I cannot for the life of me think of a better topic to tackle in the twenty minutes I have left (and growling about connectivity issues that don’t help either).

I’ll just leave the handstand page open in a separate tab until I get back tomorrow. It will keep until then – tomorrow is rest day anyway, so there’s really not much urgency here. (And if it is a flexibility issue, resolving it will take many days of stretching anyway.)
Actually, this seems like quite a healthy mindset to adopt for a few other issues as well: take one step at a time, and don’t worry so much about all the steps you’re not taking. Better to step than to freeze like a deer in headlights in the face of all the possible choices. Better to just make a choice than to spend much time and anguish about the optimal ranking of choices, at least if it’s not a horribly important choice. (And this definitely isn’t.)
Not that these are original thoughts, or not terribly trivial. Ah well, this is what you get in shitty blog posts!
And now if you’ll excuse me, I have stuff to pack and trash to take out.

(Update: I’m really having handstand trouble – my shoulders don’t allow me to lift my arms as far above my head as they need to. Will incorporate some targeted stretches into my routine and see how it goes. Still found nothing on elbow pain during planking, but will change to forearm planks – the core workout stays the same, and I do push-ups for my arms anyway.)


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