Twenty posts in twenty days: the review

Yesterday concluded my twenty days of blogging in a row. It feels like it’s been much longer, to be honest: it has already become a habit. Multiple times today, I squirreled away stray thoughts “for today’s blog post” before remembering I didn’t need to write one, usually with a slight feeling of disappointment, which I view as a very good sign.

So here I am, writing one anyway!

Starting out, I was afraid I wouldn’t have ideas to blog about every day. This fear was partly justified: sometimes I really didn’t have ideas, and ended up writing short, boring posts about mundane, boring stuff.
Which is great! This blog doesn’t feel like a blog for high-quality, well-researched, well-written content anymore, it feels like a collection of random ramblings about random topics, which is exactly what I wanted. Blogging has become less of a daunting task and more of an actual recreational activity. The thought of needing good posts is one I kind of shrug at now: well, too late to have only good posts, so fuck it.

I was also afraid I’d feel too pressured by the time constraint. Surprisingly, that wasn’t really an issue: while I did hear the clock ticking sometimes, and eventually had to decide posts uploaded after midnight counted, the deadline didn’t feel too threatening, and it was a great help. I couldn’t wait around for good ideas, or carefully plan each post: if I had no worthwhile ideas, no structure, and not as much editing as I would have liked, well, random ramblings had to do, so I just put some down and threw them online without thinking too much about it. And sometimes they actually developed into unexpected and somewhat interesting directions. (Or at least I think so.)

Sadly, it did not help with any of the “big” posts I’ve been putting off. I mostly felt like I had too little time for them anyway, so I ended up focusing on the more urgent thing and not working on anything else at all.
I still want to get to them eventually, though. I also have the DBT series to continue, and maybe one or two ideas that went unused to write about.

I’m thinking about continuing the challenge going forward, or modifying it a bit to see what happens – maybe write four blog posts a week, so I’ll have more time to work on longer ones? I’m not sure I wouldn’t just use the additional time to procrastinate, though. And I do have some other stuff to do as well.

We’ll see what happens, I guess.

I also feel like I should make categories, start tagging stuff, and archive this whole mess somehow, because with all the new posts it has become too chaotic for my liking. Although I could also use the opportunity to tweak my theme a little (or a lot), and that makes it a whole big project…
And tagging and organizing stuff is complicated anyway: thinking of and committing to a good categorization scheme is hard, and renaming and retagging is mind-numbingly boring. (In related news, most of the files from my old laptop are still a mess, now stored in folders on the new laptop which are aptly named “from backup and still unsorted”. Incidentally, they in turn contain lots of older folders with names like “old stuff”, “miscellaneous”, “other” and such.)

Ah well. Maybe my lowered inhibitions will extend to the categorization scheme, and I’ll just throw my posts into big, vaguely-named piles and call it a day.



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