Categories & tags

In a move that has taken me completely by surprise, I have categorized and tagged all my blog posts in the span of less than 24 hours.

The categorization scheme is definitely not set in stone, and the tags are somewhat messy because I haven’t been able to decide whether I want to stick to the original, descriptive function of tags or use more “quirky” tags of my own. The former approach has the benefit that it allows other people to find stuff I’ve written by tags, and to know by sight what a tag actually means, but the drawback that I have to decide which content of each post is relevant enough to tag, and that I’ll accumulate a lot of tags over time. The latter approach allows a looser tagging policy (if I decide to throw lots of different things together under the tag “bananas are made for butts”, who’s to tell me that’s wrong?), but loses some (or even all) informational value.
So right now I have a hybrid system of some unique(-ish) tags and some boring old normal ones.

Anyway, here’s a handy guide to help you in case you find my system confusing!

The categories:

  • Becoming better
    This is a category for posts about various attempts of mine to improve myself, build better habits, fix brain bugs, troubleshoot social interactions, and generally improve my mental or physical health.

  • Blog Meta
    Pretty self-explanatory, really. Promises to post more, excuses about why I haven’t done so, challenges, posts about what to expect, etc.

  • DBT workbook series
    In which I blog about a Dialectical Behavior Therapy workbook I found online.

  • Gender and related phenomena
    Gender (cis and trans), gender relations, feminist stuff, and anything else I feel fits into this category. (Probably also sexuality if I ever post about that.)

  • Skepto opines
    In which I muse about stuff I know little about that has little or nothing to do with me, including media, social issues, communication, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

  • Stories of my life
    The category for posts in which I talk about something I’ve experienced and analyze various details in hindsight.

    • short stories & updates
      Short stories from my life buried in the middle of other posts, updates about things that have been going on in my life and such. (Probably will not be used in the most consistent way, because I’m not exactly sure what to count as short story.)

  • The ACDC
    The acronym is short for “awkwardly circumscribed dialogue chronicles”, a (rather civil) back-and-forth between me and a trans-exclusive radical feminist who has objected to the term TERF (hence the awkward circumscription). Enter at your own risk. (Posts in this category will not be categorized or tagged any other way so people who don’t want to read them can avoid them more easily.)

  • Welcome to the zoo
    My category about political events and happenings. The category name stems from Greek philosopher Aristotle’s description of humans as “political animals”.

The tags:

Self-explanatory tags (“music”, “abortion”, etc.) will not be described here, just custom ones.

  • fucking technology how does it work
    Tag for everything I write about failing electronic devices, programs I can’t handle, and anything else to do with technology, positive or negative.

  • my food is problematic
    Tag for anything to do with food (and my relationship with food), originally a Firefly quote.

  • relationship sailing
    Everything I write about my own relationships to people. (Maybe also commentary on relationships in general, if I post some.)

  • transgender adventures
    Catch-all for anything transgender-related, adventurous or not. (Most things trangender seem to be adventurous to some degree, but I’ve spent too many hours in waiting rooms and/or lines to think all are.)

  • tsuyoku naritai
    Literally translates to “I want to become stronger” and is an alternative name I considered for the “Becoming better” category. Ultimately I decided against it, because it’s not exactly informative, but I still wanted the sentiment in there somewhere, so most of the posts in the category will be tagged with this. If you want to know more about this, go here.

If you have suggestions for improvement or would like something tagged I’m not currently tagging (out of interest, to avoid it, or for any other reason), let me know and I’ll consider and/or do it.


3 thoughts on “Categories & tags”

  1. If you are looking for something other than “TERF” to call me, you can say “gender critical feminist.” At any rate, I put up with your use of TERF since you put up with my misgendering. (And I also know you don’t mean me any harm.)

    Categories and tags are a chore, but they’re excellent for helping new readers find their way around your site and helping them to locate old posts they might be interested in. Every once in a while I take some time to adjust my tags and it takes time and is annoying but it’s necessary blog organization, in my opinion.


    1. Hmm, that might be of limited use – I don’t think many people know what it’s supposed to mean. I wouldn’t if I came across it, and would probably get a pretty different idea. The beauty of “trans-exclusive radical feminist” is that it’s literally what it means. (That and the fact that it’s used quite neutrally in almost every case I see it is why I do perceive it as purely descriptive.)

      They also help me find my way around. 😛 It does get quite messy over time.


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