Day 14 and travelling home

I wanted to shower once more before going home, but the day is cloudy and windy and not at all fit to warm up afterwards. Guess the other passengers will just have to put up with a stinky me.

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Sweden Day 12 + 13

I’m slowly getting used to cold showers, I think – I managed to rinse myself much longer and enjoy it more than the first time today. Or maybe I’m getting used to the colder temperatures in general, because I get pretty hot sitting in the sun afterwards.

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Sweden Day 10 + 11

On Day 10, we go for a long walk in a forest very strange for Swedish standards: it has no blueberries. Instead, it has ferns and moss and grass like ordinary forests, and more deciduous trees than usual. It also has giant anthills almost every few steps, and we spend a lot of time watching the jumble of ants going about their days, running back and forth without apparent reason or grappling with objects much larger than them.

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Sweden Day 8 + 9

Holiday spirit has set in for good, and the days start blurring together in a new routine: sleeping, eating, browsing, maybe walks or driving or grocery-shopping or multiple of the above, a movie, and then it’s back to sleeping. It’s neither terribly action-packed nor terribly boring. We rarely take two walks in the same place, but the blueberry forests are similar enough to each other that the descriptions would hardly differ unless they were very detailed, and if they were they’d probably just end up being a different kind of boring. The change from a gravel road to a dirt path covered in roots and needles is dramatic for one’s feet, and curious to one’s ears, but words about it on a page are not enough to entertain a hungry brain.

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Sweden Day 6

It’s finally warm enough to go swimming.

Or at least I think so during all the time I spend navigating bends and some oncoming traffic on the narrow dirt road to our destination: a fork formed by the coastline, three prongs of land reaching into the lake. We walk through another forest of conifers and birches and blueberries, our towels and swimming trunks in hand, until we reach the end of the first one.

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Sweden Days 4 + 5

I start Day 4 late, only getting up around eleven after lounging around in bed for a while, and don’t get much more active for quite a while after that. It’s sunny and still too cold for swimming, and there doesn’t seem to be much to do – the forest is small enough to get boring quickly, and yesterday’s tick infestation has lessened its appeal further.

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