Working Out

I worked out for the first time in two weeks and five days yesterday!
I had planned to start again right away when I got back from Sweden, but, as various philosophers and psychologists have theorized and probably everybody knows from personal experience, it takes a certain amount of willpower to work on self-improvement when one could also continue doing easier things instead.

I managed to get my brain to cooperate by firmly telling myself that I would feel happier after and even during the workout, and supporting this assertion with past memories of this happening. (It might be anecdotal evidence only, but for better or worse, that is the kind of evidence that works best on certain parts of the mind.) I am happy to report that I turned out to be correct, giving me another memory to use in future persuasion attempts.

I wasn’t sure what to expect after the break, and initially, my fears seemed justified: the bodyline work (a lot of different static holds, to be held for up to 60s each) felt harder than usual. However, the actual strength exercises went just as well as beforehand, possibly even slightly better (I managed to touch the bar at every horizontal row!).
I don’t know if the initial difficulties were due to imagination or a lack of motivation (static holds are the worst) or something else – the only other possible cause I can think of is that usually I work out halfway between two meals, neither full nor hungry, and this time I was hungry. Does low blood sugar interfere more with static holds than exercises? Did my body just need a little more time than the warmup to adjust to exercise? Who knows! I’m looking forward to finding out how the next workout will go.

Until then, I might finally make myself a workout playlist; it would probably help to have one.

A Sweden holiday with my brain

This summer, I spent two weeks in Sweden with two of my boyfriends, whom I’ll call C and D.
The holiday was largely D’s doing – he has a small cottage there and absolutely adores being there, talking off the ears of everybody willing to listen about the lakes and the forests and how beautifully cool it is there while Germany (where D lives) and Austria are collectively drenched in sweat due to the murderous heat in summer.

I can confirm that Sweden indeed has a lot of forests, and beautiful ones at that: mostly coniferous with a few birches sprinkled in between, their floors covered with fallen needles, thick, mesmerizingly green blankets of moss, occasional ferns, and innumerable blueberries. Whether we walked through the forests right around the cottage or any others we visited, I could bend down and snack on blueberries almost any time I felt like it. And when I got tired of blueberries, there were often raspberries around as well, just as ripe and even sweeter.

Lakes exist as well, their water sparkling in the sun and rippling in the wind. The one closest to us was invitingly warm, hemmed by reeds, carrying a few water lilies and a multitude of skimmers zipping across the surface and covering a few of the lilies’ leaves so thoroughly they were barely visible anymore.

On average, the weather was as cool as promised – the first two days were so hot that I started to doubt D’s tales (sweating even just lounging around on the couch inside), and then the weather changed – the temperatures dropped, and it was usually cloudy, with frequent, brief, and heavy showers. By the end, I sometimes lounged around on the aforementioned couch and considered digging my sweater vest out of my backpack, with my freezing cold feet tucked beneath C’s butt for warmth.

So much for the good parts. Now buckle up, kids, there’s whining ahead. A lot of whining.

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I have a new blog! (This one.)

Its name, “omphaloskeptomai”, is intended to be a description as well: navel-gazing. Well, the correct Greek term for navel-gazing would be “omphaloskepsis”, but that domain was rudely snatched away in 2006 – rudely because to this day, to this day, it contains nothing but the generic “Hello, world” post. Its owner apparently abandoned it right at the beginning, but never bothered to formally close their account, which is simply horribly inconsiderate. Did they think nobody else could possibly want that name?

Anyway, due to their bad manners, I had to call my blog here”omphaloskeptomai” instead, which should loosely translate to “I navel-gaze”. It should work just as well. (Which, considering it’s quite a mouthful, is probably “not at all”, but so be it.)

I had no idea what category to put it under – for some reason, WordPress lacks a “self-centered millennials mouthing off” category – so I put it under “Mental Health”.  I don’t know how fitting this categorization will turn out to be, but I do hope that venting about stupid stuff my brain inflicts upon me will make me feel better, and I expect to do a bunch of that here, so it fits somewhat. (Do these categories even make any kind of difference? They didn’t have them last time I made a WordPress blog, if I recall correctly.)

I originally started a tumblr to navel-gaze a few years ago, but that got overrun by reblogs pretty quickly (tumblr doesn’t have a commenting system, so you have to reblog anything you want to weigh in on. Plus, other people kept making really insightful and/or funny posts. Or posting cute animal videos). Also, half of my followers over there are porn bots, which are a hassle to block, and some people I know in real life know it, which is absolutely my fault, but makes venting quite awkward. (Have you ever wanted to write a post complaining about your roommates knowing that there’s a chance they might read it? Not the most pleasant feeling in the world.)
Plus, tumblr got taken over by Yahoo a while ago and is apparently losing Yahoo money, so they might shut it down – they’ve done it to other platforms before. So lots of people are fleeing anyway, or at least getting alternatives to fall back on if the unthinkable happens.

Whether this blog will actually contain anything but three meager posts (all promises to post more, naturally) six months from now is questionable – I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t, and you shouldn’t be, either. But if that happens, I will simply close down my account (do you hear that, omphaloskepsis thief? That’s what you do to not be a butt if it turns out you don’t need your domain anymore!) and probably try again in a few years or so.

While an introductory post seems to be in order, I am not going to write one – any time I try to figure out what to write about myself in how much detail in such a post, the task just seems to grow and grow and grow until it becomes too big and scary for me to ever actually do it. You’ll get to know me as we go along, I suppose. (I might write a small “about” section, although I have similar trouble with those.) If there’s anything you want to know about me, feel free to ask.

That’s it for now. See you later, hopefully!

(Fun fact: wordpress automatically capitalizes the “P” if you only capitalize the “W”, but not if you don’t capitalize anything. And the original capitalization will still show up in the editor, but not in the finished post. How very fascinating and slightly unsettling!)