DBT workbook – part III (1): Objectiveness Effectiveness

Part III of the workbook starts on page 19 and is titled “Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills”. Sounds like we’re getting to the good stuff now!

The next page splits effectiveness into three parts: Objectives Effectiveness (getting what you want), Relationship Effectiveness (getting and keeping a good relationship), and Self-Respect Effectiveness (“keeping or improving your self-respect and liking for yourself”). Because this blog post got long enough on Objectiveness Effectiveness alone, I’ll only deal with the introduction and this kind of effectiveness here and save the other two for the next post.

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DBT workbook – Part II

Today’s post starts on page 13 of the DBT workbook (here’s part I in case you missed it) and deals with section II, “Core Mindfulness Skills – Taking Control of Your Attention and Thoughts”.
(It also prompted yesterday’s post about mindfulness, which I started to write in this one, but split off eventually when I realized it had gotten quite long and had little to nothing to do with the workbook.)

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DBT workbook – Part I

Last December, I came across a post with an intriguing excerpt from a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) workbook and a link to the full text. I saved the link, planning to read the whole thing when I had more time, but neglected to save the text itself, and when I came back later, the site was offline.

However, today I found a working link to the same workbook! This time, I saved it immediately. The excerpted page was page 29, Reality Statements for Interpersonal Effectiveness, and if the whole workbook is like this page, it could be very helpful to me. So I’ll read it, and I’ll probably have some thoughts and comments about it which I might leave on this blog. Feel free to join me!

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